QuizWitz Dev: LoL quiz demo!

Dear lab cats!

As development progresses, we start testing and trying our own party game platform. QuizWitz is starting to take shape and our intern Melissa liked the idea of a League of Legends quiz. She wanted to go out with a bang!

The League of Legends quiz

About a week ago, Melissa came to the office with an idea. She was making a League of Legends quiz pack to test the QuizWitz creation tools. To do this, she created three rounds, each with a different difficulty level. Then she simply added those to a pack, which is basically just a collection of rounds. She’s leaving us today, so it’s the perfect moment to post her quiz!

Click on these linked words to test your League of Legends knowledge!

Melissa has been creating illustrations for QuizWitz and made the buttons we gave away at Made In Asia! People really seemed to like them!

New Update

The new search

To collect rounds, you’ll be able to search using the ‘Collect’ page. Right now, we do have a first version, but if you’re going to browse through heaps of rounds, you’ll want a dynamic system. We think this new header will help to find your favorite rounds, packs and quizzes! Here’s a new idea for our ‘Collect’ page.

Social search

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