QuizWitz Dev: From Question to Quiz

Dear Lab Cats!

Another week has passed and we have some more information for you. As we’re creating a new platform, we have to think about how to approach collecting and organizing questions. It’s a real challenge to make everything straight forward and neat!

Question organization

We know people want to collect as many high quality questions as possible. That’s why we decided to allow people to create them in Rounds of at least 15 questions. These Rounds can be collected in the Library after which they will be added to a user’s personal archive. From there you’ll be able to play them or add them to a Pack.

Packs are collections of Rounds to prepare for the party at hand, or test your friends’ knowledge about a certain topic in different Rounds.

Quizzes are a whole other story. They’re collections of packs, but customizable ones. They can also be embedded into 3rd party websites, which makes them more practical for use outside of QuizWitz. Of course they’ll still be played in the party game environment.

Some technical developments

Thijs and Rui, our programmers, have been working hard on our management platform. We went for an extendable REST API design with a HTML5 frontend. Maybe a bit technical, but it basically means that we will be able to port your data to multiple devices and environments, and perhaps even open up our platform to external developers one day.

We’re aiming to make QuizWitz as cross-platform and as user-friendly as we possibly can. People have to enjoy the time they spend on our platform just as much as playing the party game.

What do you think of our approach? Feel free to share your thoughts and like us on Facebook. And don’t forget to love the cat!


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