My fellow Earthlings, we feel it’s time to share more, ask more, so without further ado: This is the post to reveal to you our plans for a CatLab forum and a holiday release!

The CatLab Forum

Last week, we went to visit Larian Studios, which is the biggest Belgian Game development studio. We got a look behind the scenes and CEO Swen Vincke shared tips and tricks we learned a lot from (he also has a blog about indie game development). Learn more about their RPG hit Original Sin on the website!

His insight inspired us to start our very own CatLab forum! There, you’ll be able to share any thoughts about us and our projects, and get to know us and each other. It’s currently being created and you’ll be welcome some time next week!

Holiday release

Next to our forum plans, we’re working on a very first QuizTed beta release! You will be able to play two holiday quizzes by mid-december. The social platform will not be included just yet because of a financial drawback during development.

Although the holiday release will be available for free on the web, there will be a paid app that will serve as our very own crowdfunding system! The small amount you pay will support our studio so we can continue working on our global party quiz game network!

Our cats conclude…

Stay tuned for more updates and the new forum, and don’t forget it’s World Kindness Day tomorrow! Share a smile, a laugh or some QuizTed with the people around you. Have a happy day!

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