QuizWitz Release v1.0.136

A bunch of smaller improvements while preparing the second part of de Quizfabriek quiz season. Nothing too exciting, but improving the player experience step by step.

QuizWitz Editor v1.1.184

  • “Activity rounds” can now have attachments that are triggered by the quizmaster. This way you can show an image, video or audio fragment while doing a daredevil-duel. This is also the only attachment type that can be manually repeated (for now).
  • By loading optimized attachment previews the pageload for quizzes with huge amounts of attachments should be smoother now.
  • We’re experimenting with a new monetization strategy by showing ads for non-paying users.

QuizWitz Client v1.0.136

  • In “Live” quizzes, players can now play a tutorial while waiting for the game to start. The four most important question types are explained and players can get some hands on experience, whilest also filling in a small questionaire about how they’ve learned about your quiz.
  • Player position calculation is finally fixed, so players won’t share the same spot when they have the same score now.
  • In “Presentation” quiz types players can now refresh their page without losing their points; this is also the case for people playing the regular party game mode.
  • “Activity round” intro’s are slightly more entertaining by not showing the selected players straight away.
  • “Image map” questions are now automatically rotated to fit the largest area on the players screen.
  • We’ve also created a mod that allows players to order drinks straight from the remote view. Contact us in case you’d like to use this feature.

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