QuizWitz feedback by Atsusacon visitors

Last week we had a booth at Atsusacon, a Belgian convention about Japan and its culture, organized for the first time on our home turf, Ghent! We had a cozy experience with people staying to play quizzes about flags and even chocolate.

We installed some poufs for players to relax while they played, and they seemed to appreciate it. People played exactly 100 quizzes about Japan.

Our poll

We came prepared! As people finished playing, we would kindly ask if they wanted to fill out our feedback form. We created an infograph with those results. As you can see, everyone would recommend QuizWitz to their friends, and no one would never play! We think that’s a great result.

Although we were most afraid people would not understand how to set up a game, everyone seemed to be able to join a game with ease. Based on these results our players were between 18 and 25 years old and nearly half of them were students.

Next time, we will edit some of the questions to get more in depth information, and starting today, our poll is also online: ctlb.eu/qwfeedback​

Thanks again and thanks in advance!

Don’t forget to keep the cat inside during a storm.

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