QuizWitz Dev: Promo Video

Dear lab cats!

This past week has been one of improving the QuizWitz creation tool, finishing a promo video and a surprising post on a news site in the far USA!

Improving the creation tool

Quite some stuff has changed. From now on, for example, a published beta round can be unpublished. That might help when comments make you aware of a horrible grammar error you made (unintentionally). You can tell how many questions you already added to your round more easily and you’ll be able to translate your rounds into another language in the same go.

Our own promo video

To make you ready for the game, our designer created a little movie explaining the QuizWitz features. Then, our composer friends then added some cool sounds and music. Press play below to see the result.

News post on a USA-based news site

Tuesday, we were surprised to find QuizWitz had been featured on the big USA news site The Inquisitr! They wrote about us with praise, comparing our web-based approach to platform-dependent apps.

Here’s a quote

QuizWitz seems easy enough to set up as a quick, casual party game but also robust in its options to allow for a serious, mental throwdown among friends.”

In revision, it has been a productive week, and it seems we made some new friends in the USA. So tell us, what do you think of our new video?

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